The HIS Family of companies is a collective of entrepreneurial entities providing investment solutions to active and passive investors.

Business Purpose lending for residential and commercial assets offering Competitive, Flexible terms and streamlined lending process.

Specializing in next-generation mortgage and niche residential lending solutions including Non-QM residential loans.

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History has proven again and again that the people who thrive are the ones who work together.

Get connected with like-minded professionals who will empower you to reach new levels in real estate and lending investments. It’s time to put your money to work today, so you won’t have to work in the future.
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What We Do

As an investment firm one of our specialties is Private Lending. Private Lending and Mortgage note opportunities provide sound portfolio diversification. Even if the stock market fluctuates or if interest rates change, returns can be locked in and provide very safe monthly income.

  • Predictable Returns Secured by Real Estate Assets
  • Whole Loans Yielding 8-10% Annually
  • Transparent Reporting via our online cloud platform
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Transparency and disclosure are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive at all times to ensure that our investors, portfolio of companies and all parties with whom we do business can rely on us to operate responsibly.

Systems and technology play an integral role in the performance of our duties so we utilize a customized platform that allows us to collaborate in real time with our clients and teams. From project & asset management to investment management we strive to maintain a seamless, integrated approach for all reporting protocols. Investors may also access their portals via their mobile device.

Bringing Ordinary Investors Extraordinary Results

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

My name is David Cole and I am nationally recognized retirement plan consultant and professional educator. During the last fifteen years of working with real estate investors I find a common challenge that almost everyone voices: Where can I find genuine investment opportunities from reliable sources?
I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending HIS Capital Group. The company remains true to its core values; treating each investor with respect, providing full disclosure and remaining 100% transparent so the investor as well as referral partners are always up to date on the progress of each project.
You must become a good steward of your own money. This means taking back control of both your money and your investment choices.
I have no doubt that after you explore all that HIS Capital Group has available and their blue ribbon standard of doing business that you will be pleased to add their products to your portfolio.
David Cole
My name is Michael Vavruska and I am Key Account Executive for Equity Trust Company. I have been working directly with HIS Capital Group, LLC and many of our mutual clients for some time now. I am very impressed and so are our mutual clients with the way they perform, their transparency and their calculated approach to real estate investing.
Today’s economic climate offers investors the opportunity to acquire distressed assets at more than fair prices and working with HIS Capital Group is a great way to take advantage of the opportunities to invest in tangible real estate assets
Michael Vavruska , Account Executive for Equity Trust Company
Being in Real Estate for over 25 years as a Developer and Broker in the Wisconsin market, I decided to buy a couple properties to rehab & flip myself and take advantage of the market. I did well, or so I thought. After I looked at the time I had to invest in the rehab, my money being tied up and not earning, construction delays leading to increased holding costs, and to top it off, getting to the closing table, I realized there had to be a better way to make my money work for me.
I wanted my investment dollar to work hard on its own, while I kept working at what I do best. I learned about HIS Capital from my youngest son of all people. I met with their team and learned more about their diverse approach, and their reporting which allows investors to see every dime & where it’s placed 24/7. Over the past couple years I’ve been involved in multiple properties both commercial and residential that cash flowed minimizing risk. A few of the projects I am currently in I could never have taken part in on my own. I’ve earned a solid return on my money completely hands free, but what really sold me was their money is in the projects as well. They also helped me realize that I could make some extra income by spreading the word about them just like my son told me. Being in the business I meet people all the time in the same situation I was in, so I figured if I’m making good returns I’m pretty sure others would want to know about it. Wouldn’t you? Kevin Zokan D & K Builders, New Berlin, WI
Kevin Zokan D , D & K Builders
I am corporate counsel for a North American retailer headquartered in Vancouver BC and have been investing with HIS Capital Group for over a year now. As a passive investor, I am very happy with the returns they have provided as well as the diversification of assets in both residential and commercial real estate. Investing with this organization I am able safely employ my investment dollars while being involved in large projects I otherwise would not be able to acquire and manage on my own. I believe they have my best interest in mind and their commitment to performance is clearly seen in their reporting and quick responses. As a professional, I would gladly refer any of my friends/ colleagues to participate in these very passive and lucrative opportunities available through HIS Capital Group
Amy Frankel
I’ve been working with HIS Capital for a little more than a year now. My experience with them has been great so far & I have been lucky to be able to refer them several of my friends to also look into what they have to offer. A couple months back, I was excited to find out that I was chosen as the First Cruise winner, where I would actually be joined by some of the HIS Capital team. We went on a cruise in the Caribbean to the Bahamas. I was excited to receive this opportunity not only because I would be able to hang out with members of the team, but this was my first time ever being on a cruise! We participated in several activities included live shows, a Jet Ski ride, rock climbing, etc. My favorite activity was snorkeling around the reefs in the Ocean; the water was incredibly clear! Not to mention the food and the crew service. It was great fun and laughter with great people. Thank you to all members of the HIS Capital Group for this experience & all you do. I am looking forward to doing more business with you!
Jeanette P.
I transitioned into real estate in 2007 assisting homeowners avoid foreclosure after over 20 years in the collection & investigative industry. In2009 a year after the economic crash & I was pushing 50 and looking at an alarmingly long uphill climb back in rebuilding my retirement account. I realized, I needed to diversify my portfolio to find a hedge against the stock market, and put my money to work 24/7. My goal was to build a portfolio that could endure another recession & in order to do that I was going to need some help.
I came across HIS who proved to be different in almost every way from other investment groups I researched; from the transparency in reporting to their clients, the diverse group of assets they invested in to how they used investment strategies that have weathered every economic storm. I took the plunge and invested a small portion of my nest egg using my IRA (based on their suggestion so I may earn tax free) in exchange for a fixed return which was secured by real estate & not the paper my stock certificates were backed by… Fast forward to 2015 I am not only an investor still earning exceptional returns. I am working with HIS in an effort to bring the same solid approach, and opportunity to others.
Sam Ally , Investor and V.P. Business Development HIS Capital Group

Interesting Facts About Our Clients

Referrals are the Lifeblood of our Business


The highest compliment any business can receive is a referral. Over the last decade over 95% of our business is based upon referrals and word of mouth. Our partners and clients alike refer others with the confidence in knowing the credibility, reliance and performance of the HIS team of professionals.

Self-Directed IRA and Real Estate


Over 90% of our clients have taken advantage of the many benefits of self-directed IRA’s to invest. Active & passive investors alike use their IRA as the vehicle to hold their retirement account assets, often earning tax deferred or tax free.

Performance = Credibility


Merely satisfying clients is never enough to earn loyalty. We endeavor to provide exceptional service along with results worthy of repeat business and referral. Over 95% of our clients have increased their investment amount with us.

Earn 8% to 10% returns

Fund your project